Sunday, February 10, 2013

Carrollton Animal Shelter Turns Public Away

I visited the Carrollton Animal Services Adoption Center a couple days ago and asked to visit with a dog on premises. I was told that they can't let me see the dog because it's a pit bull, and something "bad could happen."  It's for my protection, you see.  [facepalm]  Click the jump for a video of this "dangerous" puppy.

Why does this organization, funded with tax dollars, participate in this fallacious and destructive fear-mongering? Why do they turn the public away from these wonderful dogs? How many dogs that had a chance were murdered because willing adopters were turned away?

Oh.. I went ahead and reviewed the City of Carrollton Ordinances regarding Animals and can't find any mention of this rule. Is this racial genocide sponsored by City Hall and implemented via city ordinance, or was this just an arbitrary decision made internally by Carrollton Animal Services?  How do I go about finding out?

I know this is just one shelter out of thousands of broken shelters... but I figure if we can fix just one, it's a start, right?  So... how can we effect positive change at Carrollton Animal Adoption Center?

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